the art of CB radio QSL cards

A website and collection dedicated to preserving the art of CB radio QSL cards,
unique personal postcards swapped by CB radio enthusiasts
from the 1960s to the 1980s!
A tribute to the millions of CBers who lit up the airwaves
and tens of thousands of CBers who swapped QSL cards!
The world's largest collection and gallery of CB radio QSL cards!
Now showcasing over 10,000 images from a collection of over 200,000 cards!


Last updated: October 2012!



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2. ART! The signature artists of the CB radio QSL card world.

Now featuring 197 different artists including 2 Bits! 10-4! AHF - Alberta Handicapped Forum! Alpha Omega! Angels! Artist! Avon Two! Bach! Back Acre CB Printers! Bauer! Becktor Cards! Big Bird! Big Gun! Bitco! Blackfoot! Blue Hen! Bluejay! Boatlady! Booking Agent! Boots! Brakeman! Branding Iron Press! Brushstroke! Buy Canada! Camelot! CAP - Russ-Norm! Cariboo Select! Cascade QSL Cards! CBM! C.C.! The Center Punch! Chamber Maid! Chet Carr - KNA 5501! Chico! Christle Vaughn! The City Mapper! Claude! Coffey! Colonial Printing Service! Country Bumpkin! CQDX! Cracker Jack! CRF! Crystal Ball DM! CTM! Custom Graphics! Dandy Sales! Dany Boy! Denise Hermann! Design II! Desouza Crafts! Deuce Coupe! D. Hyde! Dick Kulpa! Dirty Doodler! Dixie Press! DJ! DJL - Dave Leavenworth! Don McAlpin! Doodler! DP the Viking! Dumplin! Dumpty Humpty! Easy Money! Ellie! Engraver! Fanci Dancer! Fingers! FF! FJ! Foxy Printer! Gas Pump! Goldie! GR - Galley Rat! Gripe! Hefner! Hippie! Honey! Hot Shot! HR! Hunter! Hustler of New Brunswick! Hustler of Idaho! James Anas! JF! Jitter Bug! J Miller! JM DeLong! JM Wright! Jockey! John Daycock! Johnny! Jylegs! KB - MM - Maid Marion! K.B. - Kenai Boy! KGC 0656! Kimo! King Kards! KLS! KNP 3245 - Geo Thayer! Kojak! KPD 1401! Lady Cockatiel! LB! LEF - Linda Fraser! LH! Little 'd'! Little Teton! LKT! Lobo! Lois! Lover Boy! LRS! LTF! M. Maturo - License Plate! Mammy Yokum! Majic Clipper! MEG! Mike Stitzer! The Millwright! MJL! MT - Mini-Trucker! Miss Kitty! Moonbeam! Moonglow! Mr.Print! Muzzle Loader! Navaho! Niki - The Grinder's Monkey! Noonan! Northwind! Norway Pine! Norwin Print-N-Go! OE's QSL Cards! OS! Outhouse - Nadine Emery! Pa Kettle - Cornell! Papa Bear! Pathfinder! Pen! Picasso - Don Haffner! Piece! Pinfeather! The Printer! Professor! Punkin! Moose Jaw's PZ! QSL Card Printers! (R) of Alberta! (R) of Iowa! R&N Printing! Rademacher! RC DD - Richard Caw Dr. Do-Little! Rhubarb! Runnin Bare! Samm! Saturday Press! Scott Sample! Shepherd! Sidesaddle! Sissycat! SK - Sheila Killen! Skinny! Speed Schell! Squeaky! Star David! Sugarpine! Sundance! Sunshine! TAK! Taylor-Made - Tom Taylor! TB! Telder! Tigress! Tina! Topper! Tortuga! TQS! Viv! Water Boy! W. Lee! Welder! Wencor Hippie! Who! Wildebeest! Winchester! WP! Ye Olde Print Shop! Ye Old Wallpaper Shack! & VARIOUS ARTISTS!

3. Characters : the many faces and personalities of the CB radio QSL universe, sorted by type!

a. CHARACTERS including... Ladies! Gentlemen! Common! CBers at home! CBers on the road! CBers outdoors! CBers in flight! Aliens! Angels! Animal-human interactions! Animal riders! Announcers! Athletes, Active & Game Players! Bachelors! Bikers! Ladies in Bikinis! Blind or visually impaired! Brutes! Campers! Cavemen! Climbers of antennas, towers and rooves! Clowns! Southern Confederate! Couples! (100+) "Odd" couples! (100+) Cowboys! Criminals! CULTURES including African! Black! Scottish! Cyclists! Devils! Drinkers! Drivers! Elderly! Electrocuted! Families! Fat! Odd families! Farmers! Fishermen! Freud with a naked woman in his forehead! Ghosts! Gunmen! Handymen! Hillbillies! Hippies! Historical! Hoboes! Horseback riders! Hunters! Indians! Jesus Christ! Jokers & jesters! Kids! Knights! Ladies! Law enforcement! Leprechauns! Magicians! Marine! (Boaters, Sailors, Etc.) Military! Moustache sporters! Musicians! Nudes! ODD! Pirates! Prospectors! RADIO-related! Religious! Reversible faces! Robin Hood! Royalty! Santa Claus! SEXY! Skeletons! Skulls! Sleeping! In Bed! Smokers! Snowmen! Superheroes! Tarzan! Telephone callers! Toilet users! TRUCKERS! Vikings! Warriors! Wheelchair users! Wizards, witches, sorcerers! Workers! Zorro!

Batman! Disney! Flintstones! Looney Tunes including the Roadrunner! Peanuts including Snoopy! Ratfink style characters! Smokey Bear!

3b. ANIMALS including bears! Birds (85) including chickens & Owls! Cats! Deer! Dogs! Fish! Foxes! Goats! Horses! Donkeys! Mules! Insects! Pigs! Hogs! Monkeys! Mice! Rats! Rodents! Rabbits! Squirrels! Wildcats! Wolves!

4. Subjects Everything under the sun!!!
4a. CB RADIO! 10-codes! Ads! Antennae! CB radio and QSL swap CLUBS! (30) Jokes including the CBers prayer & Skip Licenses! Swap meets! Jamborees! Coffee Breaks! Mics! RADIOS! Shacks! Towers! Walkie-talkies!
4b. REGIONAL! USA! (13) States including Alabama! Alaska! Arizona! Arkansas! California! Colorado! Connecticut! Florida! Georgia! Hawaii! Idaho! Illinois! Indiana! Iowa! Kansas! Kentucky! Louisiana! Maine! Massachusetts! (5) Michigan! Minnesota! Missouri! New Jersey! New York! Ohio! Oregon! Pennsylvania! Puerto Rico! Tennessee! Texas! Virginia! Washington! West Virginia! Wisconsin!

Canada! Provinces including Alberta! British Columbia! Manitoba! Newfoundland! Nova Scotia! Northwest Territories! Ontario! Prince Edward Island! Quebec! Saskatchewan! Yukon Territory!

See also Canada-U.S. border stations!

4c. VEHICLES! Cars! Longhaul trucks! Buses! Campers & trailers! Old cars! Vintage cars! Pickup trucks! Carriages! Motorcycles! Vans! Work vehicles! Fire/ambulance!

4d. VARIOUS SUBJECTS! Abstract! Ads! Beer! Bicycles! Boats! Body parts (13) including hands and handshakes! Brands! Buildings! Structures! Cameras! Clocks! Watches! Time! Clothing! Coats of arms & crests! Comics & gags! Spicy off-color comics and gags! Southern Confederacy! Coffee! Cultures! Drinks! Feet! Food! (72) Games including billiards! Playing cards! Chess, checkers & dice! Globes! Government! Guns & weapons! Holidays! Horseshoes! Houses! Houses and cars! Hunting! Jewels! Lighthouses! Liquor! Machines! Masks! Money! Music! Family names illustrated! Nature! Planes! Plants including trees! Flowers! & Clovers! QSL CARDS ABOUT QSL CARDS including Temporary-Emergency-Substitute QSL cards! Religious! Scenes! (18) Shoes! Signs! Smokes! Space! Future! Southern Confederate! Sports! Teepees! Totem poles! Trains! THINGS! Tools! Parts! Wheelchairs! Zodiac!

5. DESIGN examples of interesting or unusual formats, typography, decoration & whatnot, including Borders! Hand lettering! (9) Photos! (71) Special materials including Wallpaper! Picture postcards! Mini cards! Oversize cards! Club logos! Invitations to CB jamborees and coffee breaks! Forms! Back matter (letters, club stamps, notes, etc)! Text-only! Fake wood panelling!

6. International QSLs: As if you hadn't seen enough, SEE THE WORLD in cards from CBers all over the earth!!! They are plenty different than the

7. ALTERNATES: a showcase of some of the hundreds if not thousands of CBers who provided the CB radio QSL swapping folks with multiple varieties of cards!

KOV 1358! KZG 6622! XM53-11702! KRP 3864! KIC 2177! KNJ 0070! KWD 6037! KJK 2267! KLI 0927!


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